Vital statistics
First Appearance Luminous Arc 3 Eyes (Chapter 3)
Gender Female
Age 18
Height 164cm
Weight {{{weight}}}
Element Dark
Class Valkyrie
Weapon Twins Swords
Voice Actor
Nana Mizuki(水樹 奈々)
Voice Actor

Ashley Anan is a protagonist of Luminous Arc 3: Eyes and a member of the Anan Family. A strict, disciplined but graceful lady who is also known as Knight of Black Rose.


Born to the noble Anan Family, at some point she got enrolled into Ulgard Academy. She tended to stand in front of the rose garden at the front of the school, due to it being planted by her late brother, Royce.

Plot Edit

Meeting Levi Edit

Ashley first appears upon returning from her promotion to six stars. She confronts and punishes Levi after he had slept on Royce's rose garden. Through a number of 'supposedly perverted offences' by Levi, Ashley angrily demands to Valerie to duel with Levi along with her gang. After being defeated by Levi, Glen and Elle, Felicia appear and they set aside their differences to face he Felicia.

Discovering the Truth Edit

Once Ashley knew the truth of her brother's demise, she confronted Valerie despite not want to battle her as Valerie was once her instructor.

Personality Edit

As a member of the noble family of Anan, Ashley has a serious, no-nonsense attitude. Heavily believing in maintaining law and order, she leads the Ulgard Academy's 'Discipline Committee'. She does not hesitate to punish 'rule-breakers' with her fists and as a result Ulgard students commonly refer to her as 'Ashley of the Iron Fist'. These actions lead a group of female students to worship her as 'big sis'. She desires retribution for those who breaks the rules and is angered when punishment is not delivered to at least those who have done major offences as shown in Levi's case. Her annoyance from Levi's 'perverted' actions builds up to anger to the point of demanding to duel with Levi. While she was defeated, she holds Levi in contempt.

Upon finding out about her brother's murderer, she stated to Valerie that she was no longer human.

While she may be stern, at times she reveals a warmer side.

Stats and AbilitiesEdit

Strategy Edit

Ashley is a very versatile physical-based character with her roles ranging from Tanker (high defence and HP) to Damage Dealer (high AO) to an emergency support role character with her "Treatment" skill. However her magic, MP and resistance is among the lowest out of playable characters. Her mobility as a fighter is quite impressive earlier on in the game with high AO of 9, a move of 3 and a jump of 5. Her technique is nice and her other stats are average. . Beware of enemy magic dealers due to Ashley's extremely low resist.

As she naturally has low resist, instead give her 'Mana Replenish' and 'Tiger's Eye' so she can hit harder with her "Midnight Waltz". She can unleash her FD in a medium range or directly in front of the target (at least 2 tiles from the real target) since her FD has a large area range of 9 squares. Ashley equip Twin Sabers as her weapon of choice. Twin Saber provide her attack, technique and speed stat to go on with her medium ground attack stat. Ashley equips Helmet and Armor like Levi, Glen and Arnogia.


Level Skill Description (s) Target (s) MP Cost
Learned Attack Slash with sabers 1 0
Learned Thorn Stab 1-2 12
Learned Treatment Cure status ailments 1-5 (Self) 12
15 Glorious Cross 1-3 24
25 Night Scream A scream of Nigthmare! 1-5 40
35 Midnight Waltz 1 26

Flash DrivesEdit

Level Flash Drive Description (s) Target (s) FD Cost
Learned Mael Dance Darkness twirl! 1-9 1
20 Dual Fleur 1-9 2
30 Saffron Fleet Annihilation aroma! 1-9 3



  • Curtain of darkness!
  • Lapistier of darkness!