Ashley is fought once during storyline battle at Valletta Fall.

Chapter 3: Black Rose KnightEdit

Luminous Arc 3 Boss
LV 4 Element Dark
Class Valkyrie AO 9
HP 300 Move 3
MP 20 Jump 5
Attack 50 Defense 36
Magic 36 Res 21
Tech 57 Speed 58
Weapon Cross Saber (ATK+4 TEC+2)
Head Bandana (RES+7)
Armor Scale Mail (DEF+5 HP+10)

This battle can be very hard for beginner so a level up is nescesity. Be sure to get all three characters to level 5 to learn their second skill. Flash Drive is introduced in this battle.

Ashley will move first to attack Levi. She has no skillset in this battle but this is enough for her to pummel your entire party to ground. She can also uses her FD, Mael Dance, to deal heavy damage to all of your party at once.  Her allies, Emma, Kate and Chloe aren't to be overlooked either, as Kate has high attack, Chloe can uses spear like Glen and Emma can rains arrow(s) from afar.

By leveling up, Levi can uses Power Charge to raise his attack power, Glen can boosts accuaracy and Elle can attack Ashley's allies with her Aqua Hammer. The party can also uses their own FDs to speed up as well.


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