Not to be confused with Hot Spring Event

Bath Event is a sub category of intermission introduced in Luminous Arc 3:Eye. During night time, Levi can enter the bath house and initiate event with one of his teammates (minus Arnogia). Each of the event costs one hourglass point and there are total of 22 events. To see the second bath house event of each characters, the player must have seen the first event. 

Bath Event counts toward completion rate but not affection rate for the endings.

List of all Bath EventsEdit

Event 1: The Broken Fence (Ashley)Edit

Time: Chapter 4 During bath, Levi finds out that the fence that was installed on the pipe that connects to the female's side is broken. After trying to repair it, Levi notices that the fence is missing another bar piece which he speculates that it may had flowed to the female's side.

  • Choosing the first option will have Levi sneaks into the girl side to find the missing piece. Unfortunately, he's discovered by Ashley who proceeds to punch him. After being scolded by the caretaker, Levi explains the situation to Ashley outside the bath which she accepts but not before giving him another punch.
  • Choosing the second option will have Levi decides to do nothing. He then overhears Ashley enters the bath and find the missing bar piece on her side. Ashley speculates that a peeping tom was trying to break into the female's side and annouces that she shall punish the perpetrator which cause Levi to quickly leave the bath.
  • Choosing the third option will have Levi informs the caretaker of the broken fence. However, the caretaker believes that Levi was the one who broke the fence and tease him. Ashley, who overhears the conversation, proceeds to punish Levi for the crime that he never committed.

Event 2: Bad Timing (Glen)Edit

Time: Chapter 5

Levi finds Glen at the bath house which he suggests them bathing together since it has been a long time. However, Glen replies that he had just finished bathing.

  • Choosing the first option will have Levi asking Glen to be his sparring partner. The two head to the Training Hall to spar together with Glen emerges as the victor. They then bath together with Levi promises to be the one who win their next match.
  • Choosing the second option will have Glen apologizes for the bad timing and tells Levi he'll look forward the next time bathing together then leaves.
  • Choosing the third option will have similar result as the second one but with Glen showing his brotherly side to Levi.

Event 3 (Elle)Edit

Time: Chapter 6

Event 4 (Inaluna)Edit

Time: Chapter 7

Event 5 (Heine)Edit

Time: Chapter 8

Event 6 (Sarah)Edit

Time: Chapter 9

Event 7: Floating Lotion (Sion)Edit

Time: Chapter 10

While bathing, Levi finds a hair lotion floating on the male's side.

Event 8 (Elle)Edit

Time: Chapter 11

Event 9: Kopin to the Rescue (Ashley)Edit

Time: Chapter 12

Event 10 (Yu)Edit

Time: Chapter 12

Event 11: Massage Time (Glen)Edit

Time: Chapter 13

Event 12 (Inaluna)Edit

Time: Chapter 13

Event 13 (Sarah)Edit

Time: Chapter 15

Event 14 (Heine)Edit

Time: Chapter 15

Event 15 (Sion)Edit

Time: Chapter 17

Event 16 (Dino)Edit

Time: Chapter 17

Event 17 (Yu)Edit

Time: Chapter 18

Event 18 (Lyra)Edit

Time: Chapter 18

Event 19 (Aulmorde)Edit

Time: Chapter 19

Event 20 (Dino)Edit

Time: Chapter 20

Event 21 (Aulmorde)Edit

Time: Chapter 21

Event 22 (Lyra)Edit

Time: Chapter 22

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