Vital statistics
First Appearance Luminous Arc 2
(Chapter 19)
Gender Male
Age Presumbly 4,000
Height At least 180cm
Weight {{{weight}}}
Element Silver
Class Beast King
Weapon Noble Chaos
Voice Actor
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Bharva is the King of Beast Fiend. He is the Creation of Mage Queen Elicia.



During some unknown time, Bharva arrived on this world through the Conclusion Gate. Though the gate prevented the Holy Mother herself from entering this world, her creations were free to come an leave.. Bharva, in disguise as a human scientist named Wendell, tried everything possible in order to find a way to unlock the conclusion gate.


Demon Blade Rega

Eventually Bharva found out that, in order to open the Gate, three things must be done. The Bell of Silence in Mistia must be rang, the Rose Clock in Carnava Castle must be started and a filled ab Demon Blade Rega has to be placed at the Conclusion Gate. Only after that the Mage Queen herself may return.

The only problem that the Demon Blade is sealed along with Master Mattias at Granend and it required too much effort to get it.(The Enigmatron is required to break the seal and it is in Rev Academy and highly protected by the Elemental Witches.) Thus Bharva resorted to alternative method with the Runic Engine as Wendell. Rina and Steiner's parent, however, rejected the idea cause no one need that much power. Enraged, he set heir house on fire, killed them and manupalate Steiner instead. As Wendell, he also killed Karen's father and stole his work to rise his social status so that he could manipulate Queen Sophia.

Witches ConflictEdit

By the time that the Engine nearly finished, Bharva has heard that they're Witch Conflict thanks to both Fatima and Luna. He take the advantage of this and that Mattias hadn't known that there are multiple seal to the gate,

At the Conclusion Gate, he ambushed and wounded Mattias thus killed him and stole the Demon Blade.

The twin seal to ArthaniaEdit

Bharva then went to the City of Mistia in order to unlock the first seal, the Bell of Silence. However, he is stopped by Fatima and Josie who come for the revenge, he easily overpowered their Shadow Frost Magic and also defeated the Rune Fang at the same time.

Beast´s Fiend Symbol

Bharva´s Symbol


I AM Bharva!


Since Bharva is an embodisment of Arthania, as long as it existed, he does. A resurrected Bharva ambushed the party at the staircase toward an llusion Garden. The party were having hard time against him and has to resort to using Silver Magic which still cannot overpower him. But thanks to the Enigmatron that Fatima gave back to Luna, the party was able to temporaly seal his magic and defeat him. After Elicia is defeated, Bharva also presumbly defeated along when Arthania disappeared when Phoenix Inferno or Frozen Void  destroy it along with Elicia.


Bharva is shown as an highly arrogant and cunning being, a nature which is reinforced by his all around tremendous powers and his high intelligence. Giving himself the title of "King of the Beast Fiends", Bharva crowns himself as superior than every other Beast Fiend (with one exception), while also saying that all Beast Fiends are superior to the human race. Despite this he is still a loyal servant to his mistress and creator Mage Queen Elicia

Power and AbilitiesEdit


Bharva is seen to be an agile, durable and highly dangerous foe, which only Althea and Matthias could fight on equal terms with. His magical Resistance is high enough that he canwithstand high level spells from Althea and later on Fatima without becoming any less capable of mopping the floor with the rest of the group- These abilities are enhanced once the Ray of Arthana started, giving him even mor durability and raw strength, while at the same time giving him regenerative immortality, proven by him getting destroyed bei Steiners Core Burst and returning shortly afterwards in Arthania.


Bharva comes equipped with very high stats in every area except speed and a huge amount of HP and MP, which make him a dangerous foe. Even worse is his Silver Element, rising his damage output while reducing your power. His Flash Drive Bharva Smash is able to one-shot nearly every character unless they are in their low 60's. He also tends to use "Dark Breath" which hits a wide area in front of him, although it's damage is mediocre at best.


Level Skill Description (s) Target (s) MP Cost
Learned Attack Slash with Noble Chaos 1 0
Learned Dark Breath 1-9 5
Learned Blood Hate Drain HP 1 5

Flash DriveEdit

Level Flash Drive Description (s) Target (s) FD Cost
Learned Bonecrusher LV1 1 1
Learned Bonecrusher LV2 1 2


Noble Chaos (ATK+80 Mag+80)



  • Bharva is one of the failed experiments of the Mage Queen Elicia to create human life. Despite this he claims to be the "king of the Beast Fiends"