Carwee (Also called Carwee, River Town) is a location in Luminous Arc, the first game in the Luminous Arc series of games.

Geography Edit

Carwee is located on the upper-most part of the southern portion of the Eastern Continent, south of the Ever Garden and Heintz Plains, which connects the two.

Role Edit

Upon the completion of the third chapter of Luminous Arc, Heintz Plains will become available allowing the player to pass through it into the also newly access-able Carwee. Selecting Carwee on the World Map begins the game's Fourth Chapter.

Carwee includes a prestigious contingent of the Luminous Church. During the fourth chapter of Luminous Arc, Vanessa will arrive in Carwee, tracking Sir Heath and the Garden Children in order to obtain their recently acquired Water Lapistier. Confronting them outside the church Vanessa was defeated and forced to retreat, the exchange revealed Lucia's identity however, forcing her to escape with the aid or Mel.

Shop Edit

The shop available in Carwee provides:


Broad Sword - 200R

Long Sword - 350R

Great Sword - 300R

Nodachi - 500R

Cadet Bow - 160R

Flat Bow - 280R

Luminous Staff - 200R

Heal Staff - 300R


Headband - 100R

Hat - 60R

Hood - 480R


Leather - 240R

Scale Mail - 360R

Robe - 140R

White Robe - 250R


Greaves - 500R

Mittens - 500R

Toy Ring - 500R

Toy Band - 500R

Brace - 500R

Cape - 500R


Vita Mint - 50R

Antidote - 100R

Lozenge - 300R

Catseye - 100R