Destructobot Mk-III is fought once at the Lapis Factory.

Chapter 14: We have TechnologyEdit

Luminous Arc 2 Boss
LV 20 Element None
Class Destructobot Mk-III AO 45
HP 2500 Move 0
MP 400 Jump 0
Attack 115 Defense 125
Magic 0 Res 1
Tech 100 Speed 22
Lapis Auto-Medic (Resist all ailments)


Destructobot Mk-III is fast and powerful mid game boss and such shouldn't be overlooked if you're low on level. It's operated by Karen, Ace and Moose and so will relies on it's devastating physical power.

Since the robot has only 1 resistance, spellcaster-type characters are very recommended for this battle but more on Dia and Pop as both has good evasion to avoid Moose Missile and Althea has good defense. Pip and Kaph are preferable over Luna for healing and attacking than Rina due to both latter has low defense. Rasche should uses Savage Type then Blood Edge on the robot while Roland should uses Chrome Slice. Pop can alternate between Land Sting and Burst Stump while Dia raises everyone defense and spam Shine Bullet.


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