Elemental Charms are special kinds of Lapis found in Luminous Arc 2 and it sequel, which give resistance to a specific Element. There are Charms for every of the 6 main Elements as well as one for physical and the Elemental Charms come in 3 different levels each.

The Charms's name each come from something that is opposite the element that it's blocking (in japanese it's the same as their "crystal" counterpart) eg. Still Charm which "Still" come from "not moving" refers to the non-movement of any kind of wind, Smog Charm which "Smog" come from "fog" refers to the forest fire that destroyed nature.

In Luminous Arc 3, the third level Charms are enemy-exclusive and can only be got through hacking.

Elements/Strength 20%(15% LA3) 50%(25% LA3) 100%
Fire Douse Charm Smother Charm Snuff Charm
Water Dry Charm Parch Charm Drought Charm
Wind Lee Charm Calm Charm Still Charm
Earth Cog Charm Gear Charm Smog Charm
Light Murky Charm Midnight Charm Eclipse Charm
Dark Dawn Charm Day Charm Scintilla Charm

List of Charms's drop Luminous Arc 2Edit

List of Charms's drop Luminous Arc 3Edit

Dry Charm - Elle Parch Charm - Elle Drought Charm - exclusive to Luna and Water Kopin

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