The emblem of fire.

The term Elemental Witch was introduced in Luminous Arc 2. While in Luminous Arc every playable Witch can be called an Elemental Witch, as there is only one per element, the term is never used in said game. In Luminous Arc 2 a witch that has one of the six crests attached to her Lapistier is considered an Elemental Witch. In Luminous Arc 2, Elemental Witches also have Unity Rings, which allow them to engage/unite with a rune knight or master.

In some way there are Elemental Witches in Luminous Arc:

In Luminous Arc 2, there are six Elemental Witches for the six crests:

  • Dia, the Elemental Witch of light.
  • Luna, the Elemental Witch of water.
  • Pop, the Elemental Witch of nature.
  • Althea, the Elemental Witch of fire.
  • Fatima, the Elemental Witch of shadow frost (darkness).
  • And Sadie, the Elemental Witch of wind.

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