The Fatal Hounds are a group in the original Luminous Arc.

History Edit

The Fatal Hounds were founded at the Holy Congress, Eastern Branch following the formation of the Crow Knights. As Sir Heath was being recruited into the Crow Knights the Garden Children lost their leader and were re-named. Cardinal Kingston initially suggested the name 'Witch Busters' for the newly christened group but Heath insisted on the name Fatal Hounds instead.

Heath then challenged Alph to a mock fight, declaring Alph the leader of the Fatal Hounds afterwards. The initial members included Alph, Leon, Theo and Cecille. Once the group reached Ridget however, Saki joined them.

Purpose Edit

The Fatal Hounds were originally founded to track down and defeat The Witch of Immolation and collect all of the Lapistier for the Luminous Church. But later in the game, they decided to gather Lapistier and help the Witches defeat God (Zehaal).

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