Luna explains the danger of Forbidden Magic.

Forbidden Magic is a type of magic introduced in Luminous Arc 2. Powerful and destructive, Forbidden Magic is one if not only type of magic that isn't taught at Rev Magic AcademyIn addition, most of the tombs describing how to cast such magic are locked up in the restricted area and only accessible by few high-ranked staffs. Also, only those with strong aptitude for magic and will power can successfully cast these magics. 


The Forbidden Life MagicEdit

Four thousand years ago, Mage Queen Elicia used the forbidden Life Magic to create Beast Fiend and research for the way humanity can overcome their mortality. However, her research brought upon the Navilian's destruction and the survivors sealed her along with her creations in Arhtania, the realm beyond Conclusion Gate, while creating multiple seals in order to prevent her from returning to this world. Ayano, Elicia's former assistant, is the only one who carried the knowledge of the Ancient Magic.

Eternal PrisonEdit

Fifteen years ago before the story, the previous group of Elemental Witches and Sadie used the spell Eternal Prison to imprison Master Mattias who was trying to obtain the Demon Blade Rega from Granel the Forbidden Land. However, four of the witches died after releasing their magic power from their bodies while only Sadie survived due to her high aptitude for magic as a member of the Winged One, a now extinct race of winged people with high magical power.

The Battle at Stiles RuinsEdit

During the battle between the Rune Fang and Master Mattias at Stiles Ruins, Dia the Brilliant Witch attempted to cast Forbidden Magic to stop the deranged Mattias. However, she failed due to lacking in enough willpower. Later, after Althea's true power as White Flame Witch was awakened, the girl successfully casted multiples Forbidden Magic and dealed fatal blow to Mattias and Fatima, forcing them to retreat.

Silver MagicEdit

Phoenix Inferno and Frozen VoidEdit

Sees Phoenix Inferno and Frozen Void page for more informations.

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