Freeze Dust in Luminous Arc 2

Freeze Dust, known in Japanese Version as Breeze Dust (ブリーズダスト, Burīzudasuto) is the strongest dark magic spell in Luminous Arc 2. This spell is exclusively used by Fatima. The spell manifested as purple iceberg that rise from ground dealing massive dark damage to targeted enemies, then, disappeared into dust that may inflict freeze status. It's the only spell along with Ignis Blaze that can target 13 tiles at once in Luminous Arc 2 that is usable by player.

A similar spell was used by Bonaparte in Luminous Arc 3:Eye called Supreme Dust! but can only target five panels and cannot inflict freeze status.


Luminous Arc 2Edit

Fatima come with this spell when she join your party in chapter 23. It costs 43 MP, has range of 5 and target 13 tiles and may inflict freeze status as well. During the battle in Shattered Dream Freeze Dust costs only 33 MP.

It has flavor text "Freezes an area".

La2darkelementfatima Freeze Dust La2darkelementfatima
Used by Fatima Element Dark
Range 5 Area Effect 13
MP 43 Multiplier Magic Stat x3
Add Status Lafreezestatus Accuracy 100%

Luminous Arc 3Edit

Freeze Dust is once again used by Fatima and this time it costs 99 MP to be casted. Fatima will only use Freeze Dust when is has full HP and your units is far from her by 9 panels.

It has flavor text "Freeze an area".

La3darkelementfatima Freeze Dust La3darkelementfatima
Used by Fatima Element Dark
Range 3 Area Effect 13
MP 99 Multiplier Magic Stat x1.4
Add Status Lafreezestatus Accuracy 100%


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