Game Progression is a term derived from the Luminous Arc Instruction Booklet that refers to the different means by which the game progresses, the following are the areas of game progression as defined by the various Luminous Arc instruction booklets.

Scenario Edit

Main article: Scenario

Scenario refers to the main plot of the game in question. Scenario segments typically consist of plot dialogue, conversations between party members and other NPCs, Equipment and Item shopping and reading books at the Library.

Side Quests & Sub-Scenarios Edit

Main article: Side Quest, Sub-Scenario

Sub-Scenarios are a concept introduced in Luminous Arc 2: Will and the successor to the Side Quests of the previous game. Sub-Scenarios and Side Quests are portions of the game including similar content to regular scenarios (e.g. conversations, battles, etc...) that are not crucial to the plot and often require special prompts in the form of certain conversations or in game choices to become available.

Battle Edit

Main article: Battle

Scenario Battles Edit

Main article: Scenario Battle

Scenario battles are battles that arise regularly during the story segments of the plot. These battle typically advance the plot and are usually of higher difficulty and with more unique (often story related) circumstances than other battles. This term also includes battle encountered during Side Quests or Sub-Scenarios, for convenience.

Random Battles Edit

Main article: Random Battle

A random battle is a battle that can occur when the player crosses through Battle Locations on the world Map. These battles do not have any plot significance and can be used for leveling up, testing out new abilities or going through Intermissions.

Intermission Edit

Main article: Intermission

An Intermission occurs after certain battles (all battles in Luminous Arc) and require the player to choose a character who the protagonist will then speak with. Depending on the interaction and choices in dialogue made during intermissions the relationship of the protagonist and the character can improve unlocking unique artwork, dialogue and items.

Life of Kopin Edit

Main article: Life of Kopin

After scenario battles short segments will appear where a Kopin will describe with accompanying images a misadventure it has had. The episodes are often short and comedic and do not have any bearing on the overall plot.

World Map Edit

Main article: World Map

The World Map is essentially the world in which the game takes place and the area in which the player has to move around. As the plot progresses more locations are unlocked including Towns, Battle Locations and more.

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