Vital statistics
First Appearance Luminous Arc 3 (Chapter 1)
Gender Male
Age 18
Height 183 cm
Weight {{{weight}}}
Element Fire
Class Ceberus
Weapon Spear
Voice Actor
Tomokazu Sugita
Voice Actor



A conrupted Violet Lapistier

Prior to the story, Glen was adopted by the Order of Lest along with Levi and Lily as his parents were killed by the Felicia during the Eye Hunt. Sometimes later he left Lest to enroll in Urgard and has awaken his potential as a Magi Knight, The Violet Lapistier.


Glen believes in that hard working is the most important virtue which is respresented throughout the game. According to Levi, Glen's strictness is nothing compared to Ashley's and he is much more "flexible" than her. He's also known for his weird way of laughing that annoyed Levi to no end. Due to his gentlemanliness and skill in battle, Glen's is admired by everyone in Urgard.

Glen's relationship with Levi is far from normal rivalry like everyone thought as he is much friendlier than stereotypical rival character, althought if they are more than friend or not is up to personal interpretation (although it's implied from his S-Rank rumor, however, that the person Glen likes is indeed Levi.) Despite being a Fire Magi, Glen is known for his cat's tongue and cannot drink or eat hot things.

Stat and AbilitiesEdit

Glen specialized in fire based and long ranged attack. He possessed highest accuracy which is only surpassed by Sion. Along with high HP and attack stat,Glen is suitable for almost any kind of frontline battle. His midline mag stat somewhat hamper his "Flame Pillar" a bit, but still rather useful against grouped or water element enemies.

On chapter 14,he will leaves your party and return in chapter 23 with LV 35 if correct speech choices are made. On second playthrough he will always remain with you.


Level Skill Description (s) Target (s) MP Cost
Learned Attack Pierce with spear 1-2 0
Learned Flame Chest A fiery slash 1 10


Tuning Increase TECH(+30) for 3 turns 1(self) 16
15 Nova Impact Long-ranged attack 1-4 24
25 Flame Pillar Pillar of Flame 1-5 40
35 Burning Road Road to Netherworld 1-6 62

Flash DrivesEdit

Note: All Glen's Flash Drives range are 1 panel next to him.

Level Flash Drive Description (s) Target (s) FD Cost
Storyline Ifrit Roar Flame beast's rage! 1 1
Storyline Ignis Wing Pinions of phoenix! 1 2
Storyline Crimson Bite Everlasting inferno! 1 3



  • Protection of flame!
  • Do not!
  • You!
  • Hahahaha!! (Conrupted)
  • Lapis of purple cloud! (Both)


  • Glen (紅蓮,ぐれん) in japanese mean "crimson".
  • Glen is the only physical unit to be able to cast all three-tier spell in Luminous Arc 3 (albeit in cutscene).