The God is fought thrice in the final chapter, Gazer of Everything.

Final Chapter: Gazer of Everything (Part 1)Edit

Luminous Arc 3 Boss
LV 26 Element Silver
Class God's Eye AO 12
HP 787 Move 0
MP 226 Jump 0
Attack 214 Defense 101
Magic 179 Res 146
Tech 137 Speed 135
Weapon None(Homing icicles)
This battle is quite easy.This is the weakest form of god, so you shouldn't have much trouble.Make sure to keep your units at least 2 spaces apart and attack him. It is important to note that he uses a seal(golden or silver) which negates physical or magical attacks. Just keep an eye on the damage meter and you will know which one.He has 787 hp which is very low for a boss (thus the first stage obviously) so he will go down quite fast.

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