Garden of Illusion
Lead to Hall of Ahrtaine (northeast)
Notable Event(s)

The Garden of Illusion, also known as Garden of the Pure Souls (無垢なる魂の園 Mukunaru Tamashī no En) in the Japanese Version, was the land at core of Ahrtania. A part of the world that was sealed 4,000 years ago along with Mother Elicia, her servants, and the Beast Fiend, as well as the place where the final battle of Roland's party against the force of the Mage Queen took place.

Depend on the ending, the land was either eradicated along with Elicia by Phoenix Inferno or Frozen Void.


The Garden of Illusion was a vast ethereal land full of blooming flowers, pure water lakes, mountains. and pink sky, with the facility that was once a hospital in the distant. Although the land was considered an epitome of elysium, it devoided of life as various animals had died in the past 4,000 years. The facility featured pillars and marble floor all with delicate design, surrounded by blue torches and lotus flowers. The altar on the top was resided by Elicia and her two servants.

After Elicia transformed into god-like form, most of the building and and the scenery were destroyed by her power and is now a ruin of its former glory. Thorned vines envelope the area along with ivy plants with peacock design. A giant pink flower sprouted on the altar Elicia within it.