Vital statistics
First Appearance Luminous Arc 3 (Chapter 5)
Gender Female
Age 15
Height 156 cm
Weight {{{weight}}}
Element Light
Class Ishitar
Weapon Whip/Tail
Voice Actor
Miyuki Sawashiro
Voice Actor

Inaluna or full name, Inalunadia(イナルナディア), is a princess of Baldia Kingdom and the only heir to the throne. Aside from her usual luxury life inside the palace, she had never seen the outside world and has longed for it.


Crowning CeremonyEdit

Luminous Arc 3 - Eyes (Eng) 23 25611

The new queen is crowned.

One year after the god was defeated, Inaluna is crowned the new queen of St.Baldia Kingdom. The magus attends the ceremony as they discusses of the world's peace thanks to Levi. Inaluna declares that she'll bring back the Radiance of Life and unite her people broken heart once more as the crowd applaud their queen.


Luminous Arc 3 - Eyes (Eng) 13 31951

The new Royal Guard?

In Inaluna's ending, Dino and Ashley are appointed as Captain of the Guards. However, Inaluna refused to appoint anyone as her Royal Guard in which Aulmorde tells everyone that the suitable person will be here soon to recieve the title. Later in the courtyard, Ashley approachs Inaluna and informs her about the Ministers' request. The queen furiously declines as she becomes silent, which Ashley correctly guesses that she's still waitng for Levi. Inaluna tries to deny her but Levi appears and surprises them.
Luminous Arc 3 - Eyes (Eng) 15 29214

"Royal Maid" Inaluna, serving King Levi.

Ashley congratulates Levi as Inaluna chatises him for being late which Levi counters that it was her order that he's late in the first place. He then asks about her promise of making him the new Royal Guard. Embrassed, Inaluna reveals that there's a change in plan: he'll become the new king of Baldia instead of Royal Guard. She reveals that the process Levi went through is actually a preparation for becoming a member of royal family, in the other word, her husband. Inaluna also asks Levi promise to protect her no more, as she wants to be the one who protect her "beloved lord" too.

Stats & AbilitiesEdit

Inaluna is the second spellcaster that joined the party after Elulu. In term of movement she has 8 AO, 4 Moves and 4 Jumps making her an agile unit. She can attack enemy with whip 2 panels ahead of her for decent damage and can buff parties with many support spells. Barrier and Light Seal can reduces and blocks magical damage respectively. Lightspeed grants target 3 AO to any target which is helpful for 7 AO characters until multiples Hawk Garments can be obtained. Inaluna can also casts powerful light magic spells too. She has low defense and MP, but high evasion. She is basically more of a support-spellcaster(buff giver) than a damage dealer one. Equip a mana regen Lapis to her so she can spam her Light seal and Photon Axis.


Level Skill Description (s) Target (s) MP Cost
Learned Attack Slash with Whip/Tail 1 0
Learned Bright Arrow Arrows of light 1 14
Learned Barrier Increase RES in an area for 3 turns (+30) 1-5(Self) 24
15 Lightspeed Increase AO by 3 1 18
25 Light Seal Protection of light 1 24
35 Photon Axis A blade of light 1-5 56

Flash DrivesEdit

Level Flash Drive Description (s) Target (s) FD Cost
Learned Bright Whip Slashing light! 1-5 1
20 Princess Knock A series of kicks! 1-5 2
30 Queen Judgement Radiating truth! 1-5 3

Bright WhipEdit

Luminous Arc 3 Inaluna's FD Bright Whip(English Text)

Luminous Arc 3 Inaluna's FD Bright Whip(English Text)




  • Inaluna is the only spellcaster to have lower Magic than her physical counterpart, Arnogia.