Intermissions are a gameplay mechanic in the Luminous Arc series. Similiar to a dating-sim game, Intermissions allow you to raise someones affection for the main character and give you special scenes to watch when you do everything right. After the chain of intermissions for a character is finished, the player recieves a picture for an event which will appear in the gallery.

Luminous ArcEdit

In Luminous Arc Intermission sequences can be done after the third story battle to get the Water Lapistier. In this game you are able to do it after every battle, even already completed ones, with one of your party members as long as said party member did engage in battle. When you enter the intermission sequence, your partner will say or do something and you get 3 choices to react. Someone can have up to 10 Intermissions per character, after which they will always say that "other teammates would like to talk to you".

Luminous Arc 2: WillEdit

In Luminous Arc 2: Will Intermissions can only be done to specific persons after specific battles, indicated by a heart over said characters in the party select screen. In order to be able to watch the Intermission sequence, you have to include said character into the battle but if you included both possible Intermission partners, you have to choose one of them. In this kind of Intermission sequences you get first 2 possile reactions. If you choose the right one, you will get to another segment, with two different choices. Taking the right one again will give you the "Best Break" while getting the wrong one will give you a "Normal Break" for the first segment and a "Good Break" for the second segment.

Luminous Arc 3: EyesEdit

In Luminous Arc 3, Intermissions are tied to the characters affection with the playable characters being tied to Unison Cards and their endings. Many of the NPCs also have intermission with some being tied to others. Intermissions are  only avaible at night.

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