Vital statistics
First Appearance Chapter 8
Gender Female
Age 100+
Height 144cm
Weight {{{weight}}}
Element None
Class None (Urguard Principle)
Weapon None
Voice Actor
Sayuri Yahagi(矢作紗友里)
Voice Actor

Kilika is one of the minor protagonists of Luminous Arc 3: Eyes. She is the principal of Urgard Arcademy. Though has an appearance of a child, she is said to be at least 100 years old as she has stolen secret techniques from Lyra in order to be able to keep reincarnating, abusing the laws of Felicia in the process.


One hundred years ago, Kilika was a student at Urgard Academy and a friend and rival of Sarah. As often as she planned to have revenge against Sarah for her trickery (such as that Sarah gave her an elixir that turned her hair into snakes), Kilika admired her talents and intellect.

One day, Sarah and her sister, Sion, never returned from an experiment at the Lost Wood caused great worry for her. With her research she soon suspected that the sisters were blown away to the other world, the Felicia's realm. When the Knight has gave up on the search, Kilika decided at the moment that no matter how many years have passed, she will devote herself to find them. To ensure the goal, Kilika stole Lyra's secret immotality techniques and used it on herself to keep her youth as well as extend her lifespan. This action of her has caused the Felicia a big havoc as reincarnation without permission is forbidden but they are unable to find out who did it.


Kirika has a playful and cheerful personlity and can be somewhat strictless as the School Principal. She also steal item from lyra which is a key to her youthfulness. However, when time called she has right sense of justice. She is very devoted to Angel Miria.