Kopins are small creatures introduced in the Luminous Arc series.


A kopins appearance differs by the type of kopin. A fire kopin is red in color, has a small flame on it's head, and twirls flaming batons to float. A wind kopin is dark blue in color, has propellors on the top of it's head, and carries a small spear in one hand. A water kopin is light blue in color and has small mushrooms growing from the top of it's head. A light kopin is yellow in color and has a small glowing bulb-like thing on top of it's head. A nature kopin is green in color and has one darker green leaf on the top of it's head. A dark kopin is a navy/dark purplish color and has a moon on the top of it's head that is the same color.

Fire KopinEdit

Luminous ArcEdit

Fire Kopins make an appearance in first game in name of "Hikopin"(ニコピン). They're recuring enemy that are often fought with Vanessa under her command. They tend to pull off minor fire magic that isn't very powerful. A Kopin from Life of A Kopin is a Fire Kopin despite its appearance.

Water KopinEdit

They first appeared in the ship where you fight Mel, they have attacks which can deal minor water damage but they can heal whick is a pesky thing, they also can use Kopin Flood which is weaker then Aqua Squall but not as Aqua Hammer.

Air KopinEdit

They appeared in Luminous arc where you play tag with Vivi, they attack with their heads instead of their spears which is pretty weird why they have spears.

Nature KopinEdit

Light KopinEdit

Luminous Arc 2Edit

Light Kopin (ヒコピン) first appearance is in Luminous Arc 2 during various spa battles. It has high magic and very high resistance along with great evasion make damaging them quite bothersome. They has access to Kopin Poke and Kopin Star, a Kopin variation of Bright Arrow which deal moderate light damage. Skills that has 100% accuracy are great against them as well as Fatima's Soul Bind.

Luminous Arc 3Edit

In Luminous Arc 3 they traded Kopin Star for more powerful Kopin Bullet, a Kopin variation of Shine Bullet which deal high light damage. They now have lowest HP of all Kopins so defeat them should be less problem. Ashley's Glorious Cross and Dino's Mind Projection is good way to defeat them.

Dark KopinEdit

Shadow KopinEdit

Silver KopinEdit

Golden KopinEdit

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