Heine: Lev! I've been looking for you! I need your help!

Levi: Let me guess, Inaluna Army?

Heine: Shhh! No good, Lev. This is our top secret!

Levi: I wonder about that. Pretty much everyone knew this "secret".

Heine: Although I wish we had more members, I guess there's no more time now..

Levi: What're you talking about?

Heine: What I'm saying is.. I'm not going to force Lev to join us..

Heine: ..but Lev is going to join us anyway, right~?

Accept Heine's invitation?

Heine: *Sniff* You're too cruel, Lev. How could you refused your senior..

Heine: Awesome, Lev!

Levi: However, my cooporation depends on the purpose of this army.

Levi: After all, being caught by Ashley equals severe punishment..

Heine: Don't worry. Our army's purpose is to overthrow Ashley.

Levi: Overthrow..!?

Heine: Yeah. Anyway, let's go to the hideout.

Scene switches to the Church Room

Inaluna: Oh Levi. I've been waiting for you!

Levi: "Just" waited, right? By the way, why are you gathering people here?

Inaluna: We've not fully prepared, but we must to confront that Ashley!

Levi: Confront..? So you plan to battle her?

Inaluna: All she ever talks about is rules and regulations..

Inaluna: It's too much! I want to enjoy my school life too you know!

Levi: I guess so. She's indeed too strict.

Inaluna: Isn't she!?

Inaluna:To free our poor fellow students from her tyranny, 

Inaluna: In the name of Princess Inalunadia, we must stand up against her!

Student A: Go princess!

Student B: Three cheers to Her Highness!

Levi: Geez.. What kind of royalty is this..?

Inaluna: Levi, you're going to cooperate with me, right?

Levi: Umm.. but..

Heine: Lev, do you think that there's not enough mufufu things here?

Levi: Huh? What're you talking about?

Heine: When Inaluna Army rules over Urgard Academy..

Heine: I will turn it into the largest Mufufu Themepark in the world!

Student A: Go senior!

Student B: For mufufu!

Levi: You guys.. are tempted by this..?

Inaluna: W-Wait Heine! Why have I never heard about this!? 

Heine: Your Highness, revolution isn't an easy thing.

Heine: Without goal, there is nothing for people to fight for~. 

Inaluna: E-Even so..

Heine: Come on guys! For our ultimale goal! Mufufuland!

Student C: Mu Fu Fu!

Student D: Mu Fu Fu!


As the army are celebrating, Ashley and Glen appears.

Ashley: Inaluna Army! You guys are under arrest!

Inaluna: Ashley!?

Ashley: Rule No.19: Inciting fellow students without good reason will be punished.

Ashley: Your Highness, what you're doing now is a serious violation to the rule.

Ashley: I order the dissolution of Inaluna Faction immediately!

Inaluna: Hmph! How dare you give an me order!

Ashley: As long as you are the student of Urgard, our rules apply to you too.

Ashley: To violate our regulations is unforgivable!

Inaluna: What!?

Glen: Levi, are you with them too? This Mufufu things?

Levi: Hahaha..

Levi: Of course not.

Inaluna: Huh!?

Glen: Hmm. That sounds better.

Heine: Lev! How could you turn your back on us!?

Levi: No matter how I look, I don't think that this idea is going to work.

Inaluna: L-Levi!

Ashley: Your Highness, I hate to use force so please come with us quietly.

Inaluna: Grr! I really hate that attitude of yours!

Inaluna: And you Levi! How dare you betrayed me! I won't hold back anymore!

Levi: Hey hey..

Ashley: In that case, I have no choice but to force you to come with us!

Heine: Guys! For our Mufufuland!

Students: Yes sir!

Ashley: Here I come!

Ashley: De la Alux Melane Valkyrie!

The battle with Heine and Inaluna alongs with both male and female Fencer Knights, Lancer Knights and Archer Knights.

Heine: Waah!

Inaluna: Urrgh!

Ashley: Your highness! Why are you still resisting!?

Inaluna: Not yet.. For my happy school life..

Valerie: You guys! What are you doing!?

Valerie enters the room.

Glen: Teacher Valerie!

Ashley: We've just put down the rebellion of Princess Inaluna and Heine!

Valerie: Is that so?

Valerie: Your highness, was what Ashley said just now the truth?

Inaluna: ..

Heine: I-Instructor! I'm the real mastermind of this Mufufu event!

Inaluna: !?

Heine: I was the one who forced this plan upon Her Highness.

Heine: Please, do not put the blame on her!

Valerie: Just because of your desire, you forced her to cooperate with you?

Heine: That's right! Definitely!

Inaluna: H-Heine..

Heine: Mufufu! Our slogan!

Student A: Go Senior!

Heine: Mu Fu Fu! Mu Fu Fu!

Student B: Mu Fu Fu!

Student C: Mu Fu Fu!

Glen: What are they doing?

Levi: I think.. I know..

Valerie: ....

Heine: One more time~..

Heine: Waahh!!

Inaluna: H-Heine..!

Valerie: Heine. For the time being, I order you to clean the toilets. Understand?

Heine: Y-Yes, ma'am. Definitely~..

Valerie takes Heine aways. The event ends.

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