Sion: Ah, Levi..

Levi: What's the matter? You sure look serious.

Sion: Actually, I want to discuss something with you.

Levi: Discuss? Me?

Sion: Yes. Please Levi, please listen to me.

Listen to Sion's?

Sion: It's alright. Please forget about what I said.

Levi: Sure. What's the problem?

Sion: Actually, I was asked to organize the library's documents.

Sion: At that time, I found this book hidden in the shelf.

Levi: Hmm.. It's locked tight.

Sion: Yes. Moreover, this key seems to be quite special..

Sion: I think it's kind of like, Sealing Magic.

Levi: A Special Sealing Magic.What's the secret that have been hidden from us?

Sion: I don't clue either, but, please look at this.

Levi: No one can touch this book(including you).. Kilika.

Levi: Wait a minute. Isn't this the principal's signature!?

Sion: That's right. I've no doubt that she's hiding something.

Sion: I've been thinking, I should inform Sarah about this.

Levi: Nice choice. Sarah'll definitely be glad to.

Sion: But still, I'm not sure that will be the best choice.

Sion: Oh my, what should I do..

Sarah: Sion!

Sion: S-Sarah!?

Sarah: I heard from the librarian that you found a strange book from the shelf.

Sion: T-That's..

Sarah: A book that was hidden from my sight, unforgivable..

Sion: W-Wait Sarah! This book is..

Kilika: Stop at that, Sion!

Sion: K-Kilika!?

Kilika: That book is full of the most wicked forbidden spells!

Levi: F-Forbidden!?

Kilika: Right! And it attempts to pass on to Sarah!

Kilika: So Sion,return it to me now!

Sarah: Ufufu.. do you really think that would stop me?

Kilika: S-Sarah!

Sarah: Come with me Sion!

Sion: S-Sarah!?

Kilika: Sarah stop!

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