The Leastre Bridge is a location in the original Luminous Arc. Leastre Brdge is a Battle Location, an area on the world map between plot important locations where non-plot battles can take place.

Geography Edit

The Leastre Bridge is located south-west of Gemarr and north-east of Dotruvar and directly connects the two locations. The location is effectively a bridge spanning a small river flowing out toward the ocean.

Layout Edit

The battle area consists of two shear cliffs in the upper-right and lower-left with the river dividing them and the bridge connecting them in the center. The water of the river is inaccessible even to units normally able to cross water because of the steep cliffs. The players deployment area is on the upper-right.

Seven enemies typically deploy on the map including about five Thieves and two Archerers. All enemy units are situated on the bridge at the beginning of the encounter.

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