Leonard can be fought in the sidequest, Two Bonapartes.

Ch 24-25: Two BonapartesEdit

Luminous Arc 3 Boss
LV 41 Element None
Class Nefiria Rabiness AO 11
HP 1882 Move 2
MP 196 Jump 5
Attack 313 Defense 174
Magic 157 Res 97
Tech 274 Speed 224


Bonaparte will join your in this battle as guest party member. Deplpy six more units to start the battle. This battle require you to protect Bonaparte and defeat Leonard.

Bonaparte packed his three skills to this battle and he can help deal damage to enemy thanks to his high AO and attack power. Ear Dance can deal incredible damage in large area while Deligent! will raise allies(your party members) attack and accuracy. You can take advantage of this by having someone with high AO use Drive Soda on him to allow him to keep launching Bunny Flare! though becareful cause he has low HP and there are many trap panels in this area.

Since enemies tend to be powerful, bring some heavy attacker such as Levi and Glen. along with some faster character such as Dino to keep going to frontline to protect Bonaparte. Sion can take up healing role with her Purifying Breeze or attacking role with Pierce Strike or Aero Twister. Sara can attack Nefiria Xuanwu with her Sloth Bomb if the Xuanwu use Silver Seal. The Dark Elf in the upper left corner is rather dangerous cause Heat Storm can inlict Confuse Status. Send someone to lures Leonard to the trap panel to reduce his HP then attack with everything you got. Remember that he also has Ear Dance and Supreme Dust! like Bonaparte too!


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