Luminous Arc Edit

Hi,everyone who plays Luminous Arc 1!!

I found a super easy and good way to level up your characters!! 

Do this:

1st: Go to a low level battle that you know that you'll win easly.

2nd: Choose the characters who can heal and use skills up moves you can choose the one without these stats to but they'll just stand in the way.

3rd: Kill all the foes BUT save one.

4th: Use heal and power ups on your characters. But don't use heal on your self like Mel healing her self 'cause you'll only get 5exp for that. Use these staffs on your friend and you'll get 30exp :)

5th: If it's only you and the foe left,use heal and power ups on both the last foe and your self.

well, sorry for the bad english....!

AND PLEASE DO NOT EDIT MY NAME DOWN BELOW, IF YOUR EDITING IT SO IT BECOMES BETTER PLS WRITE YOUR NAME AFTER MINE,THANKS well of course, help me with my bad english.....I didnt use google translate so help.

Good luck hope you like it ;P

from: Voca☆Voca☆TAIL

Marlayna Rayne ( helped edit and translate a bit ) :)

Luminous Arc 2Edit

Luminous Arc 3Edit

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