Vital statistics
First Appearance Luminous Arc 3 (Chapter 1)
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 170-180
Weight {{{weight}}}
Element None
Class Berserker / Ragnarok
Weapon Large Sword
Voice Actor
Ono Daisuke


Voice Actor
currently unknown

Levi is the main protagonist of Luminous Arc 3: Eyes.


Levi is first seen training under the starry sky of the Order of Lest. His friend Lily is trying to get his attention. They talk about what they want to become in the future and then Lily returns to the Orphanage. Levi hears a noise from his location and rushes back to the Orphanage to find it in flames, as Lily stumbles outside beckoning him to help the others from an attack from Felicia, a mysterious man with a scythe appears and cuts Lily down; and as of that moment Levi's Lapis shines and he awakens as a 'Knight of Magi'. Causing the mysterious man to withdraw in surprise, Levi then immediately begins to look at how Lily's shape is, Lily telling him the blow was mortal and she won't live long, she tells him to become a proper 'Knight of Magi' before she passes on, the scene ends to Levi calling out to Lily's name in sorrow. Moments later he runs into Instructor Valerie who came to check up on Levi.

Personality Edit

Levi was a reckless adolescent. He had great confidence in his abilities that bordered on cockiness. He wished to test his abilites against strong opponents. This is shown when asks who was the strongest in Ulgard and his demands for other students to direct him to Glen. As a result he sometimes looked down on those whom he thought were 'inferior' to him.

Despite this he is exceptionally courageous and cared dearly for his friends.

Levi wears his uniform in a 'unique' manner with no scarf and his blazer unbuttoned.

Stat & AbilitiesEdit

Levi possesses one of the highest Attack stats of all Units in the game, only overshadowed by Raira and Arnogia. He comes with about average Speed, HP, MP, Defense and Technique but good Resistance. With an AO of 8 (later 9) and Move of 3 (later 4) he is a really versatile character, able to easily take on every kind of role in battle, be it Tank or Attacker. Levi is not to overestimated as he is not an exceptional front-line tanker unit. Instead try to get a one hit KO with him as many times as possible instead of putting him in front-line to tank the damage.

Skills (Berserker)Edit

Level Skill Description (s) Target (s) MP Cost
Learned Attack Slash with large sword 1 0
Learned Cutting Blaze 1 10
5 Power Charge ATK+30 for 3 turns Self 14
15 Arc Flash 1-3 18
25 Solid Legion 1-5 40
35 Falcon Rage 1-5 46

Flash Drives (Berserker)Edit

Level Flash Drive Description (s) Target (s) FP Cost
Storyline Ground Break 1 1
20 Rise Smash 1 2
30 Edge Strike 1 3

Skills (Ragnarok)Edit

Level Art Description (s) Target (s) MP Cost
Learned Attack Slash with sword 1 0
Learned New Cutting Blaze 1 10
5 Arm Shift ATK MAG TEC+50, DEF RES SPD-50 for 3 turns Self 12
15 True Arc Flash 1-3 18
25 Lost Lightning 1-5 40
35 Soul Falcon Rage 1-5 48

Flash Drives (Ragnarok)Edit

Level Flash Drive Description (s) Target (s) FP Cost
Learned Stella Shine Shinmering starlight! 1 1
20 Rise Cluster Blade of wishes! 1 2
30 Silver Blaze Slashes of star! 1 3


Character Unison Description (s) Target (s)
Glen Leo 1
Elle Aquarius 1
Ashley Aries 1
Heine Cancer 1
Inaluna Virgo 1
Sarah Scorpio 1
Sion Sagittarius 1
Yu Libra 1
Dino Capricorn 1
Aulmorde Gemini 1
Layla Pisces 1
Anogia Taurus 1


  • Refi has the most outfits in the entire series besides Althea if you count her formal dress and her purple outfit in beast fiend form.
  • Refi is the only one besides Althea who has 3 Level of Flash Drive before class change.