The Life of Kopin was introduced in Luminous Arc and has been in every Luminous Arc game since. The Life of Kopin is about one particular Kopin of Vanessa's, meaning it is a fire kopin. The Life of Kopin follows this kopin and it's stories; the kopin falling in love with a daikon radish, the daikon radish's death, the kopin's friends, it doing things alone, or following the characters of the game and getting away from Vanessa. The kopin always introduces itself in the first "The Life of Kopin" of the game.

Luminous ArcEdit

In the first game of the Luminous Arc series, the kopin was just following Alph and the others while telling stories; like the short-lived relationship of the kopin and the daikon radish.

Luminous Arc 2Edit

In the second game of the Luminous Arc series, the lonely kopin had finally gotten away from Vanessa and was trying to develop stealth skills while following Roland and the others.

Luminous Arc 3Edit

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