Helmets can be equipped by Levi, Glen, Ashley, and Arnogia.

Name Stat(s) Obtain (s) Prices
Leather Helmet
Amateur Helmet
Old Helmet
Bronze Helmet
Iron Helmet
Titanium Helmet
Luminous Helmet
Rainbow Bandana
Armitt Helmet
Orc Helmet
Silver Helmet
War Crown
Gold Helmet
Scale Bandana
Titan Helmet
Aegis Kabuto
Rune Helmet
Avura Helmet


Helmets can be equipped by Heine, Dino, and Lyra.

Name Stat(s) Obtain (s) Prices
Feather Hat
Amateur Cap
Ten-Galleon Hat
Battle Cap
Rabbit-Ear Hat
Green Beret
Silk Hat
Luminous Cap
Paint Beret
Round Hat
Cat-Ear Hat
Army Cap
Windy Hat
Day Strike Cap
Rainbow Hat
Miracle Hat
Sunny Hat
Runic Cap
Merlin Hat


Helmets can be equipped by Sarah, Sion, and Yu.

Name Stat(s) Obtain (s) Prices
Knitted Hood
Straw Hood
Silky Hood
Battle Hood
Rabbit-Ear Hood
Triangle Hood
Satin Hood
Luminous Hood
Black Hood
Feather Hood
Cat-Ear Hood
Magi Hood
Metal-Core Hood
Magister Hood
Magical Hood
Angel Hood
Runic Hood
Chiron Hood


Helmets can be equipped by Elle, Inaluna, and Aulmorde.

Name Stat(s) Obtain (s) Prices
Ribbon RES+4 MP+5
Stone Barette RES+6 HP+10
Leather Ribbon RES+12 MP+5
Headband RES+14 MP+5
Seashell Hairpin RES+16 MP+5
Tiara RES+26 MP+10
Yellow Ribbon RES+17 MP+7
Copper Headband RES+22 MP+15
Pearl Hairpin RES+30 DEF+5 MP+15
Silver Tiara RES+22 MP+15
Blue Ribbon RES+28 TEC+5 MP+10
Silver Headband RES+29 DEF+5 MP+10
Maiden Hairpin RES+40 MP+10
Circlet RES+35 DEF+5 MP+10
Red Ribbon RES+50 HP+15 MP+5
Spirit Tiara RES+43 MP+20
Gold Headband RES+43 DEF+10 MP+10
Mermaid Hairpin RES+43 TEC+15 MP+10
Rune Ribbon RES+42 MP+40
Nickel Tiara RES+48 DEF+5 MP+20

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