Keyword Edit


mean that you've achieved best result of that intermission! The FP of that person will increase by 2!

The Rose GardenEdit

The reason the queen changed her mind(Dia)Edit

Our Goal(Fatima)

Fatima asked Roland that does he remembered their goal which he replied he know.

1.Just follow me(Normal Break)Edit

2.I'm counting on you(Continue to second question) Edit

Roland said the they're going to rely on her abilities and that they should prepared first. Fatima said that she know it and he don't need to tell her!

1.Yell at her(Good Break)Edit

2.Apoligize(Best Break)

Roland said that he is sorry and Fatima said sorry too that she has gotten too emotional and that he is right that they cannot made more mistake. But she also said that their leader is still a kid(Roland is 17 Fatima is 19) and she don't know he reliable he is...

Karen's Life (Karen)Edit

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