Party Member Weapon

Roland's SwordEdit

Name Description Stat
Rolandsword Sabre The standard issue sword for squires. Attack +3
Rolandsword Espada Ropera An ornate dress sword. Attack +6
Rolandsword Schiavona Has a wider blade to aid cutting. Attack +12
Rolandsword Dha Single-edged blade with a long hilt. Attack +20 Magic +5
Rolandsword Niuweidao This sword has a wide,carved blade. Attack +30 Magic +10
Rolandsword Damascus Sword Is unusually flexible and patterned. Attack +40 Magic +15
Rolandsword Rune Blade Engraved with runes that aid in combat. Attack +50 Magic+20
Rolandsword Luminous Blade Attack +60 Magic+30 MP+20
Rolandsword Demon Blade Rega Attack +65 Magic+30 MP+20
Rolandsword True Demon Blade Attack +75 Magic+40 MP+50
Rolandsword Rigor Mortis Leaves naught but corpes behind.

Attack +80 Magic +50 Technique +20

Althea's StaffEdit

Dia's BatonEdit

Luna's FanEdit

Pop's HammerEdit

Pip's WhiskEdit

Fatima's WhipEdit

Rasche's SpearEdit

Sadie's TrumpetEdit

Rina's BowEdit

Richter's LanceEdit

Gaston's AxeEdit

Karen's GunEdit

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