Luminous Arc Infinity cover

Luminous Arc Infinity (ルミナスアークインフィニティ Ruminasu Āku Infiniti) is the fourth game in the Luminous Arc Series. It is set to be released in Japan on 6th August 2015 Aksys Games released in North America on Fall 2018 on a PS Vita.

Plot Edit

The world of Luminous Arc Infinity revolves around a group of girls known as "The Nine Pillars of Lapis." Together, these Nine Pillars oversee the world and maintain its order. The world is preserved by praying to the Lapis and funneling their power into the Lapis.

Once a year, imperial rituals are held. In great numbers, people from all over the world gather in hopes of catching a glimpse of the emperor, crowding around inside the castle ground during the lead-up to the ceremony.  Seed, a young man who trained under his master to become a Tone Echo Specialist, pays no heed to these crowds and decides to take a nap within a nook of the castle.

Soon enough, though, trouble arrives in the form of Amadeus, a shady organization whose members are disguised from head to toe in masks and robes.  When Seed manages to save a girl they are attempting to kidnap, he finds himself on a path that will greatly change his life. Seed thus sets off, traveling in the world in search of the songs of the Pillars.[1]

Characters Edit

Seed- Voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto, Seed is closed off from those around him and seems to have trouble working up the motivation for doing the things he should be.  Regardless of this, he has a strong sense of justice and is very kind.  When in very quiet surroundings, his ears are good enough to hear the heartbeats of others.

Aqua- Voiced by Yu Sarizawa, Aqua is Seed's younger sister-in-law.  A bit of a worrywart, she is every mindful of her brother.  Known to lack self-confidence and for being a bit shy, she still seems quiet childish for a girl of her age.

Pulse- Voiced by Misaki Kuno, Pulse is a doctor who appears to have invented a super technological machine.  Choosing to focus on her research at a very young age, Pulse doesn't have much in the way of street smarts.  She often times forgets to sleep when working on her inventions, which can make her exceedingly tense.

Violette- Voiced by Yukana Nogami, Violette seems to have all of aspects of someone full of life.  However, this also means that she can be quiet the downer when she is feeling upset.  Violette has a natural tendency to look after others, and can be counted on in a pinch.  However, when faced with an enemy, she becomes especially cold and cruel.

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