Magic (MAG) is a stat that determine spells attack power. Depending on the character, the Magic stat might be totally useless if said character does not know any spells while others, for example witches, rely mostly on this stat. The corresponding defensive stat for Magic is Resistance.

Almost every element is associated with this stat but the most notable is Fire and Dark.


Luminous ArcEdit

In Luminous Arc, Pollon has the highest magic stat in the game at 300, followed by Claire at 188 and Mel at 180.

Luminous Arc 2Edit

The highest Magic stat in the game belongs to Sadie. Followed by Fatima and Althea though the latter two have the advantage known as Freeze Dust and Ignis Blaze respectively, making them more powerful against multiple enemies.

Luminous Arc 3Edit

In Luminous Arc 3 Yu has the highest magic stat, followed by Aulmorde and Sarah.

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