Matthias is fought twice during the storyline, both times along with Josie and Fatima. In a sidequest, he is fought alone and by answering correctly, you will gain True Demon Blade.

Chapter 11Edit

Luminous Arc 2 Boss
LV 17 Element None
Class Master AO 46
HP 953 Move 3
MP 100 Jump 3
Attack 126 Defense 74
Magic 115 Res 95
Tech 84 Speed 40
Weapon Demon Blade Rega (ATK+65 MAG+30 MP+20)
Head Kabuto (RES+50 DEF+5 TEC+5)
Armor Magic Plate (DEF+51 RES+5 DEF+5)
Lapis Automedic (Resist all ailment)
If you have low level, don't think that you can bypassing Josie to attack him first as that is rather sucidal.

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