Mermaid Monster Line is first introduced in Luminous Arc 3. They resemble female fish with squid-like helmet that covered their face. They can use healing spell and powerful water-elemental magic as well as good resistance.

Felicia MermaidEdit

Felicia Mermaid (フェリシア・マーメイド) 

Felicia NymphEdit

Felicia Nymph (フェリシア・ニンフ) is a stronger version of Felicia Mermaid. Like the latter, the Nymphs can heal their allies with Cure and damage your party with Aqua Hammer. Unlike the Mermaids however, the Nymphs gain additional spell, Splash, that may inflict Silence on the targets. Overall, they're quite dangerous opponent. They're very vulnerable to Fire and Earth physical-based attack so Flame Charge and Heavy Rage is good way to combat them.

Felicia Nypmh has 7 AO, 2 Move, 2 Jump and are Waterwalk Unit.

Level Skill Description (s) Target (s) MP Cost
Learned Attack Slap with hand 1 0
Learned Cure Heal single ally 1 10
Learned Aqua Hammer Smash with water 1 14
Learned Splash Icicle of silent 1-5 48

Nefiria BansheeEdit

Nefiria Banshee (ネフィリア・バンシー) is a late game monster encountered in Demon Realm. They're even more powerful than their Felician counterpart due to higher HP and MP and a boost in various department. Rock Charm prevent any poison damage against them and they can heal multiple units at once with Curer. With Splash, they can be quite nuisance so dispatch them quickly with Burning Road and Ignis Blaze from Glen and Aulmorde respectively.

Nefiria Banshee has 7 AO, 2 Move, 2 Jump and are Waterwalk Unit.

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