Moose is an unplayable character in Luminous Arc 2. He is one of Karen's helpers/followers, along with Ace and a member of the group Rosetta Rosso. He is a very good mechanic, building machines in very short amounts of times, although they usually break after one use.


Like Ace, Moose is a bit of a narcissist and only depends on his Moose Machines to do his bidding. He is also very curious about every kind of technology and would like to combine his machines with magic.


  • He speaks with a german accent, which he gained by studying technology abroad.
  • His machines actually are very duarble, unfortunately it is very difficult to find quality material in Carnava, which is why he creates his machines from scrap.
  • Just like the other R.R. members Moose has a rose on his hat.

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