Mother Lapis is a special lapistier that has different duties in the Luminous Arc series.

Luminous ArcEdit

In Luminous Arc, Mother Lapis creates all seven of the Lapistier; the thunder lapistier, fire lapistier, water lapistier, wind lapistier, dark lapistier, nature lapistier, and the light lapistier. It was destroyed by Priel in the first game which brought on Cecille's awakening as the twilight witch and the discovery of the dark lapistier.

Luminous Arc 2Edit

In Luminous Arc 2, Mother Lapis serves a different purpose than in Luminous Arc. In Luminous Arc 2, Masters hold Mother Lapis as a symbol that they are the Master of the Magic Association. In order to become a Master, you have to take Mother Lapis' trial; which test you on strength, intelligence, and mind/affinity to magic. 15-years before Luminous Arc 2, Mother Lapis was split in half (even though it was stated by Pop that Mother Lapis is unbreakable, in which Dia responded that it was Mother Lapis' will that split it in half) during the sealing of Master Mattias, which killed all of the previous Elemental Witches except Sadie.

Mother Lapis

The Mother Lapis

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