Parnus Way is a location in the original Luminous Arc. Parnus Way is a Battle Location, an area on the world map between plot important locations where non-plot battles can take place.

Geography Edit

Parnus Way is located east of the Holy Statue at Parnus and west of the Terraced Springs of Lawston on the world map. The area is presumably a passage leading to the Holy Statue at Parnus, the structure present in the battle map a stone stair of sorts climbing an incline.

Layout Edit

The battle map at Parnus Way is mostly made up of a large stone structure with stairs that wind upward. There is a small amount of relatively flat ground along the right side of the map near the base of the structure. The stone structure climbs upward to the right first than back to the left and than up to the right on final time. The monsters are spread out over the stone structure and include: Brawlers, Crusaders, Rangers, Magicians and Clerics.

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