Photon Axis as seen in Luminous Arc 3

Photon Axis (フォトンアクシス Foton Akushisu) is a third-tier Light Elemental spell appear in Luminous Arc 2 and its sequel Luminous Arc 3. It's the most powerful Light Magics in the game and is only usable by Dia and Inaluna. The spell manifested as a multiple "blades" of light that "slash" the target in an area and blind them with powerful brightness.

Compare to fellow third-tier spells, Ignis Blaze and Freeze, whose area effect are higher make Photon Axis a poorer choice for mob control. This get balanced in Luminous Arc 3 that the latter two spell lose their range thus reducing their effectiveness while Photon Axis get to keep its range and has much lower MP cost.


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