In Luminous Arc Series, there're many recurring themes.

Antagonistic WitchesEdit


Vanessa, the pioneer of Antagonistic Witches

In each of the Luminous Arc Games, there will be one antagonistic witch toward the party due to conflict in morality or goal with the other witches. Generally, the party members will battle the said witch for the majority of the game until both sides come to term with their goals. Afterward, the said witch then join the party and fight alongside them. The antagonistic witches are also used for fanservice purpose due to their design.

  • Vanessa - Like Claire and the other witches, Vanessa desires to protect the planet from Zehaal. However, her hot blooded nature caused her to disagree with Claire's rather passive plan and collected the Lapistier by herself, using violence if necessary. Nevertheless, Vanessa is shown to possess morality, saving human from their own destruction as seen with the Eurus Knight Event.
  • Fatima
  • Aulmorde
  • Alto/Sopra (depends on route)

Brother/Sister FiguresEdit

In each games, the protagonists has a brother figures that grew up with them. Said brother figures will be the foil of their personality e.g. if the protagonist is rational the brother figure will be hot blooded. The protagonist may also has sister figure who also grew up with them. The sister figure tends to keep the protagonist and brother figure in check.

  • Leon
  • Rasche
  • Glen

Witch FanaticsEdit

In each games

Younger CharactersEdit

Hidden True AntagonistsEdit

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