Reinhart is the Arke of water and the antagonist of first half. He is opposite of Orumorudi Arke of Flame.

Vital statistics
First Appearance Luminous Arc 3
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Height 182
Weight {{{weight}}}
Element Water
Class Arke
Weapon Death Scythe
Voice Actor
Kondou Takayuki(近藤孝行)
Voice Actor


Reinhart was killed by Refi during first game half.



Reinhard invades the Royal Palace

You faces Reinhart during the game's story 4 times.

First BattleEdit

This battle can be a bit complicated so it is recommended that you have your characters at least level 11. Inaluna will join you in this battle but she's quite fragile as of level 7. Yet her Bright Arrow will be very useful in the distance damage against Felicia Gigases. It is also advisable to defeat the two Felicia Mermaid dedicated to healing because it can prolong the battle.

As Reinhart's scythe can cause serious damage to your characters with Aqua Cutter, especially with his Flash Drive Soul Slayer. Heine's Cross Guard can help you prevent several damages. Glen is perfect to end Reinhart especially if you use his Flash Drive, Ifrit Roar that will remove more than half of HP.

Second BattleEdit

Very beginning of this battle, Yuu will join the party and to have forced to fight level 13. It is advisable to carry at least 1 or 2 healers (Elulu and Sion are good choices in this battle). how difficult this battle are the 3 felicias fire element causing serious damage with their swords ( Elulu with Aqua Hammer can make serious damage) and 3 Felicias healers so it's best to eliminate problems that do not. Reinhart is stronger than before but not much has changed so using the same strategy with Glen in the 1st battle you should defeat him.

Third BattleEdit

This battle has two objetives. The first obviously is to defeat Reinhart and second is to prevent Reinhart or Felicias reaches the Exit box. Heine is best for this with his good defenses and Skill Heavy Rage. We must also beware Felicias of using Heat Storm which can cause confusion. Reinhart remains the same as always so with Glen and a good healer like Sarah, Sion or Elulu should not have many problems.

Fourth BattleEdit

In this battle it is advisable to bring Ashley or Sion because the fire element Felicias can use Heat Storm and confusion can cause problems. Should Heat Storm damage´s Ashley or Sion and cause confusion can equip (if you can) with Lapis Auto Medic. The rest of the fight does not cause many problems. Except Reinhart has suddenly gone up 5 levels so be careful.

Skills and Flash DriveEdit

Level Art Description (s) Target (s) MP cost
Learned Attack Slash with Scythe 1-5 0
Learned Aqua Cutter 1-5 18
Learned Cure Heal HP 1-5 10
Learned 30
Level Flash Drive Description (s) Target (s) DP cost
Learned Soul Slayer 1-5 100