Resistance (RES) is one of three defensive stats of a character and reduces damage inflicted from Magic. Because of this, Characters with high Resistance can be great magic tanks, as they often only take scratch damage from most magical attacks, even if they get hit by their elemental weakness.

Character with strong Resistance is mostly either Water or Light.


Luminous ArcEdit

Among the playable characters, Claire has the highest Resistance stat at 150 followd by Mel at 144. The lowest goes to Pollon at 60.

Luminous Arc 2Edit

Gaston has the highest Resistance stat in the game at 348 , followed by Ayano at 313 and Luna at 278. However, it should be noted that the latter two are among the lower HP characters, so tanking magical damage might need HP+ Lapis for help. Rasche has the lowest Resistance at 157, but he has high HP to negate this disadvantage.

Luminous Arc 3Edit

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