Vital statistics
First Appearance Luminous Arc 2
Gender Male
Age 27
Height 174cm
Weight {{{weight}}}
Element None
Class Talon
Weapon Lance
Voice Actor
Atsushi Kakewashi
Voice Actor

The leader of Talon Squad. Richter is a master of battle, and has never been defeated in combat. His prowess makes him feel a little bit empty, as he has no peers, and he always searching for a worthy challenger who can inspire him. He is the most distinguished warrior to date, and is actively hunting out and eradicating Fiends. When he's not leading the Talon Squad, he's busy being extraordinary with the ladies.

Stat and AbilitiesEdit

Compares to fellow Lancer, Rasche. Richter lacks in attack power and his arts cost is almost twice of Rasche's but he has greater accuracy and speed. His healing spells is mostly for emergency as he has lower magic stat. However he has an extreme AO of 46 which is the highest. He can buff his technique only by 10 points. His move is 4 and his jump is 3.


Level Skill Description (s) Target (s) MP Cost
Learned Attack Pierce with spear


Learned Screw A twisting stab     1 (self) 15
Learned Advice Increases TEC (+10) 1 8
Learned Penetrate A piercing attack 1-2 11
Learned Nostrum Heals in area       1-5 18
Learned Arc Circular A fierce attack 1-2 28

Flash DriveEdit

Level Flash Drive Descripition (s) Target (s) FD Cost
Learned Talon Dive LV1 Stab with grace! 1-2 100
33 Talon Dive LV2 Stab with grace! 1-2 200
34 Talon Dive LV3 Stab with grace! 1-2 300


  • Richter is the only lancer who has a healing spell.
  • Rina is shown to have a crush on Richter, and, in the end, he compliments her at the end-game soiree.