Ring End Falls
Western Continent
Lead to Lethe Forest (north)
Notable Event(s) Battle between the Fatal Hounds and the Zephyroth Knight.

The Fatal Hounds rebel from the Luminous Church and join up with the Witches.
Mel the Torrent Witch join the party.

Ring End Falls is a location in Luminous Arc. A gigantic waterfall in the western continent, it's where the highway end and the entrance to Lethe Forest, the Witches' Dominion. 


On their way to the Witches' village in the Lethe Forest, the Fatal Hound and Lucia met up with Mel the Torrent Witch who was sent by Claire to lead them to the village. However, they're cornered by Provost Hugo and Andre and were ordered to punish the two Witches in exchange for asking the church to remove Theo's curse. As Alph was in conflict as he wanted to save Theo but didn't want to hurt Lucia, Andre slipped up that they planned to punish all of them from the start and use Theo for their experiment with the witch's curse. Resolving to protect everyone, the Fatal Hound and the two Witches join force to drive away Hugo and Andre, but not before the two cursed them for betraying the church and joined the Witches' side.

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