Alice, wielding a rolling pin

Rolling Pin is a weapon that is used by Alice in Luminous Arc 2.


Luminous Arc 2Edit


Rolling pin is Alice prefered weapon because it is her dream to open bakery in the future. It is notable that the pin seem to grants very low attack stat and in Pollon-Pollon case, nothing at all. Still, it grants a respectable magic stat and the reduced MP is ignorable as Alice has rather good MP and her arts cost is also low. Rolling pin attack range is adjusted panel to Alice.

Name Stat(s) Obtain (s) Prices
Vivi's Present ATK+30 MAG+45 Intial equipment -
Mel's Present ATK+35 MAG+58 Castle Plaza 4,800 Rico
Lucia's Present ATK+30 MAG+65 Quest -
Pollon-Pollon MAG+72 MP-10 Hemill Ruin 10,000 Rico


  • In japanese version, the rolling pin were named after the witches in Luminous Arc japanese title. Also, Pollon-Pollon is named Payan-Payan instead in japanese version.

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