The Rosetta RossoEdit

The notorious band of thieves that pop-in and pop-out of the story consists of three main members "Crimson Gunner" Karin (The "boss"), Ace "Mirage"(and his body guards) and Moose"-ter Fix-It" (and his army of Destructo-Bots) usualy entering/leaving in a strangely "non-magical" wagon (ie. a primitive car).



  • Each of the Rosetta Rosso members has a rose on there hats
  • The Rosetta Rosso bears a slight resemblelance to the "Pokemon" TV series' Team Rocket as they make consistent appearances and get defeated every time.
  • Another similarity they bear is that there are three main members that make an appearance (as every one else is just a body guard or Destructo-Bot)

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