Scenario refers to portions of gameplay in Luminous Arc games that involved progressing the plot through conversation, as well as the reading Books and shopping for Items and Equipment.

Conversations Edit

Conversation occurs naturally throughout the course of the plot-line between characters in the story. Supplementary conversations can also be prompted in Towns to flesh out characters and the world of the games.

Libraries Edit

Libraries can be found throughout Luminous Arc and include Books that offer further insight into the world of the game. These book cover a range of topics from geography to history and more. A complete list of books (as well as the contents of most books can be found on this wiki).

Shopping Edit

Shopping is the simple act of purchasing Items and Equipment for characters while in Towns. This can be done during scenario portions of the game when the player visits a town. Different towns have different varieties of items and equipment typically with the more expensive and impressive found later in the game.

Side Quests & Sub-Scenarios Edit

Main article: Side Quest, Sub-Scenario

Sub-Scenarios are a concept introduced in Luminous Arc 2: Will and the successor to the Side Quests of the previous game. Sub-Scenarios and Side Quests are portions of the game including similar content to regular scenarios (e.g. conversations, battles, etc...) that are not crucial to the plot and often require special prompts in the form of certain conversations or in game choices to become available.

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