Similar to its predecessor, Luminous Arc 3 has several sidequests that explore the characters' back story.

Our RebellionEdit

Dialogue: For the full dialogues of the event please click here . In this quest, Inaluna organizes a rebellion group against Ashley named "Inaluna Faction" in an attempt to overthrow her with Heine cooperation, using the church area as their base of operation. The pair recruits many students for this cause an attempt to recruit Levi as well. Unfornately, the plan is discovered by Glen and Ashley, which Levi quickly drops out of the group to save himself. Enraged by his betrayal, the Inaluna Faction engages in a battle with the trio and loses. Valerie eventually discovers what going on but Heine takes the blame for the event and is punished and sent to the infirmary. Feeling bad for let Heine took the fall, Inaluna askes Levi to give Heine some medicine to make him feel better.

The Rose GuardianEdit

A crime of undergarment theft quickly turns into havoc with Dino plans to punish Heine with his assistants, the Rose Guardian. In the end, it's revealed that Fran actually asked Kopin to wash the gang's undergarments.

Thing that shouldn't be saidEdit

Thriller NoteEdit

Two BonapartesEdit

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