Sidequests are a type of mission that are not required to complete the game. However, they all count toward completion rate and allow to player to understand each characters' personality. In all of the three games, the sidequests are limited to certain chapter(s) only. If the player misses them in the first playthrough, then they can try to complete them again in New Game+.

Luminous ArcEdit

Luminous Arc 2Edit

Luminous Arc 3Edit

  • Our Rebellion 

Heine and Inaluna forms a secret club with several of the students to overthrow Ashley's disciplinary as part of their rebellion. Heine's loyalty toward Inaluna is first explored.

  • Guardian of Roses

A string of underwear thefts break out on the campus. Levi and Ashley tags along together to unveil the culprit's identity. Dino's past is explored, and the culprit of the theft is beyond the gang's imagination.

  • Thing that mustn't be said

When Sarah obtains a secret book of magic from Principal Kilika, the young witch enlists the help of her sister as she tries to unlock Kilika's supposely embarassing secrets that was hidden in the book. However, the group finds out that there is more important thing hidden inside the book: the bond Kilika and Sarah's friendship that transcended across the century.

  • Thriller Note
  • Two Bonapartes

Bonaparte is framed for the crime he didn't commit, and now everyone wants to punish him.

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