The Southring River is a location in the original Luminous Arc. Leastre Brdge is a Battle Location, an area on the world map between plot important locations where non-plot battles can take place.

Geography Edit

The Southring River is a river north of the Magical Forrest and south of Ring End Falls. Further north is a similar location known as the Northring River (which is also a Battle Location).

Layout Edit

The map consists of two flat shorelines on the upper-right and lower-left sides of the map with a river flowing through the center of the map, taking up most of it. Patches of walkable ground exist throughout the river allowing characters and monsters to jump between the patches of land and the shorelines.

The deployment area for the Southring River is on the lower-left shoreline. The monsters mostly deploy on the patches of land throughout the river and on the opposite shore. About seven monsters typically deploy on the map including: Hob Goblins, Glums, T-birds and Sauroids.

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