Steven is the father of Rasche, and a Former Knight Captain of Carnava. He appears in a few chapters, sometimes serving as comic relief alongside his son. Originally, Steven, Mattias and Gaston had been close friends (Prior to the story's beginning). In fact, Mattias and Steven had been such good friends, that Mattias asked Steven to take care of Roland, before going down his "Path of Evil." After that, Steven trained and raised Roland as if he was his own child, never telling Roland until he (Steven) was upon his deathbed who his real father was. Steven appears to be a strict teacher, but in reality, he's only strict to make sure Rasche and Roland are prepared for anything.

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Vital statistics
First Appearance Prologue
Gender Male
Age 44
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Element Silver/Neutral
Class Knight
Weapon Battle Axe
Voice Actor
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Steven is shown as a strong-willed individual, and a strict trainer. However, he only cares about Roland and Rasche deeply, and wishes for them to become the best that they can be. He is often shown to be in good cheer around the boys, and Gaston. He is best friends with Mattias and even kicked Rasche a few times when he insulted Matias. He's also presented as a selfless being, as he sacrificed himself to stop the fight between Mattias and Roland.