Sword Spells are a specific kind of Magic in Luminous Arc 2: Will and only usable by Masters. The Sword Spells are special in one aspect, which is the ability to create Elements by channeling their energy into a sword (hence the name Sword Spells) and releasing it at the enemy, doing tremendous damage to a single target.

In Luminous Arc 3 there is the seventh sword spell used by The God in his second and third form called Infinity.

Game MechanicEdit

As an usable ingame technique, the Sword Spells have some restrictions that are met in order to be able to use them. First of all, Roland must be a Master and is the only Character in the game that can cast the Sword Spells. Once he is united with a Witch which is Level 30 or higher, as well as reaching Level 30 himself, he gets access to the Sword Spell of the corresponding Element. All Sword Spells have a free range of 3, hit only one Target, cost 15 MP and hit with 3.5 Times the power of Rolands Magic, making them the most powerful spells in the game and highly devastating against bosses but are, against large groups of enemies, outshined by Ignis Blaze and Freeze Dust because of their 13 tile Area (And by extend, Photon Axis and Aero Twister ).

Intention and Reboot can also help increase the spell power too.

List of Sword SpellsEdit

  • Ignis - Engage to Althea .
  • Aqua - Engage to Luna .
  • Verdure - Engage to Pop .
  • Aero - Engage to Sadie .
  • Nocto - Engage to Fatima .
  • Bright - Engage to Dia .
  • Infinity - Used only by The God in second and third form



  • All Sword Spells in Luminous Arc 2 have the same cost and range
  • The names of the Sword Spells (except Infinity) are all connected to their corresponding Element:
    • Ignis is Latin for Fire.
    • Nocto is Latin for Night, a phenomenon related to Darkness
    • Aero is Latin for Air
    • Aqua is Latin for Water
    • Bright is a measure of light
    • Verdure stands for green, a color often representing nature
    • Infinity plays on the concept of The God. As he has power over all and everything, his might is Infinite.

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